(updated Sept 16, 2014)

IBEE students  have TWO posts and TWO comments (“replies”) to create.

The class is split into thirds for the purposes of the assignments.  Group “A”  = family name A-G; Group “B” = family name H-L, Group “C” = M-Z.

Due Dates:

Refer to Course Resources exhibit for overall calendar of deliverables here and here.  [There are two posts and two comments required and they are spread out by thirds of the class over the length of the course].  Typically,  posts and comments are due by 11pm on Monday evenings.  We should be able publish in 24 hours.  Early posts and comments are welcome.

The exact dates are subject to change, so refer to Learning Hub Syllabus assignments for specific dates and times.

Late delivery will be penalized 20% per day beyond these deadlines up to 40% penalty (on that item). Each 500-word post will account for 8% of the written portion of your grade; each 100-word comment will account for 2% of the written portion.   This means the posts are 16% of the total grade each, and the comments are 4% of the total grade each.

General Instructions:

IBEE  requires four short written assignments that collectively account for 20% of your final grade; the balance of the grade is based on class participation and the final paper.

Two written assignments will each be in the form of a blog post of about 500 words (about five paragraphs) on one of the topics suggested on the “topics” page, or a question selected by you. If you are confident that your topic relates to our course content, there’s no need to seek our approval—but don’t hesitate to do so if you have any concern.

We will publish these posts on the public course blog, unless: 1) the student requests that we publish under the name “anonymous” or not publish the post at all; or 2) in our judgment, the post might embarrass a case protagonist, your former employer, etc.

  • With respect to #1, we understand fully if you’d prefer to keep your work private. This poses no problems whatsoever.
  • With respect to #2, please don’t hesitate to criticize the companies we’ve studied or our guest speakers. Let us do any filtering for public consumption. In some cases, we won’t publish a post that might damage a case protagonist’s reputation. In other cases, we know from experience that a guest/protagonist has thick skin and would welcome criticism. We’ll check with outsiders first before publishing anything harsh. Your name won’t be disclosed on posts that we send to outsiders for private review, but if they give the okay to publish, we will put your name on the public post.

Please email your posts to John Macomber and Zdenka Sturm. We will post them.

Note that the optimum format is to compose your post in the body of your email, with your title in the subject line. This works better than sending attachments in Word or PDF.   You may embed or attach images, drawings, charts, tables, and calcuations.   You can put instructions at the beginning (for example “do not post” or “only use my first name” or “use my initials”) and we will edit accordingly.

Your responses will take the form of a short comment on another student’s post from the Fall 2013 group.  (This is a “reply” in WordPress).  We don’t have guidelines for comment length. You’ll be able to post these replies directly on the blog, but we will review replies before they are published. So, feel free to be critical in a constructive manner of your classmates’ arguments. We’ll filter anything that crosses the line.

Please use a name that we’ll recognize when making your comments. If you use a disguised name to preserve your privacy, email us that name so we can track your work.

If you would like to submit a private comment not for posting, that’s ok too, just make that clear in your email to Prof. Macomber and Zdenka.

Evaluation of Posts and Comments

(Please see more here).




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