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Can LCSF Credits Make Carbon Engineering’s Direct-Air-Capture Viable?

By Okan O. Carbon Engineer’s Direct-Air-Capture is a great solution to dealing with decentralized carbon emissions. However, it can only make a difference if it is economically viable. The Direct-Air-Capture model creates value by selling captured CO2 to enhance oil recovery projects and by selling California Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCSF) credits. But how high […]

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EU 2030 Targets – sending weak signals

By Kat Meeting in Brussels, Belgium, Oct. 23–24, the EU Commission outlined its plans for climate and energy policy until 2030. French President François Hollande said the deal would send a clear message to big polluters such as China and the United States ahead of UN talks in Paris next year to agree global legally […]

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The Limits of the Profit Incentive

by Anonymous Can you have your cake and eat it too? Is it possible to be environmentally sustainable while embracing the consumerism that is at the heart of modern capitalism? Those are the questions that I found myself contemplating as we explored greenwashing in the Fiji Water case. In the quest for profit, Fiji Water […]

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