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Is Zipcar really that good for the environment?

By Katie P. Many people hail the car sharing company Zipcar as a great environmental innovation. Zipcar themselves tout their own horn on their Green Benefits page. At first glance, this sounds intuitive: carsharing = less cars per person = less gas and energy used = good for the environment. Right? Not necessarily. Do people […]

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Can Geo-Engineering fix climate change?

By Andres H. Nearly two decades after the world’s first climate change treaty in Kyoto, that failed to stop the rise of carbon emissions, the announcement last week that the US and China reached an agreement about new targets for CO2 emissions, sounded positive and encouraging. However, experts immediately stated that last Wednesday’s announcement does […]

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Natural Gas as an Alternative Fuel

By James In the wake of the energy revolution in the United States, it would not seem irrational to assume that the abundance of natural gas recovered via hydraulic fracturing would lead to a host of new wide-spread applications, transportation not-withstanding. Indeed, while consumers and brands have for several years debated the worth and feasibility […]

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