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The Circular Economy – Who Should Be Participating?

By Ashleigh The phrase itself – the circular economy – is easy enough to understand. It generally represents the concept of using recycled materials as inputs into manufacturing processes with outputs in turn later recycled themselves. Massive potential benefits are possible with large-scale adaptation to a closed-loop system such as this, from environmental (reduced deforestation […]

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One man’s trash is another man’s treasure: BPS By-Product Synergies and Industrial Ecologies

By Ryley In many industrial processes today there is an awareness that the waste derived from the refinement and processing of raw materials at times holds more value than the refined product itself. The primary example of this is the refining of petroleum products. The process of refining a barrel of oil produces more products […]

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Value or waste – ideas for Circular Entrepreneurship

By Jannis Koehn Waste is largely seen as an issue for households, municipalities and industrial producers. The first produce it without cost, the second have to get rid of it, the third try to minimize it to save material. Recycling has been only the beginning. The notion of a circular economy taps into that space […]

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