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Response (2) to US Shift to Natural Gas – Effects on EU Coal Consumption

By Mohamed (Note: This is a response to another post here. It’s entered as a new post in order to maintain the graphics – John) I would also highlight that the EU’s increased consumption of coal started in 2009, which is around the same time when the Euro crisis took place (see Exhibit 1). The […]

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US Shift to Natural Gas – Effects on EU Coal Consumption

By Samantha T. A theme we have discussed several times in class is that rich countries have the luxury to choose which energy sources they want to use, while poor countries do not. What we often do not discuss however is how one country’s choices may impact the options available to other countries. I want […]

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Apathy and fatalism, the new norms in the climate change debate?

By Thomas After two years in the USA and a recent trip to China, I believe that society has turned its back on tackling climate change. During our recent class discussions on how companies and society can address this issue, I thought back to the most recent presidential debates. As you may recall, both President […]

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