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Response: Our Erstwhile Saviors Mr. Democracy and Sir Capitalism are Destroying…

By Seth A student from the class in 2013 put forward a provocative and interesting hypothesis that democracy and capitalism may simply not be up to the task of mitigating climate change due to their inherent focus on the short term (https://innovbusenergyenviro.wordpress.com/2013/10/19/our-erstwhile-saviors-mr-democracy-and-sir-capitalism-are-actually-together-destroying-our-planet/). Commenters at the time pointed out that it is not clear that other […]

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Our erstwhile saviors, Mr. Democracy and Sir Capitalism, are actually together destroying our planet

By Emma Inaction in the face of environmental degradation and climate change. We know something is wrong. We comprehend that it’s not sustainable. Yet we do either nothing or as close to nothing as we can. We bicker and argue and debate. And whilst that rigorous debate is likely the best way to get to […]

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