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Renewable energy support systems: Causing more harm than good

By Daniel Financial incentives and subsidies are frequently provided to encourage investments in renewable energy sources and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. An assumption behind such support systems is that increasing generation from renewable energy sources will result in a decrease in demand from other more carbon-intensive sources such as oil, coal or gas. Forms […]

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The History and Future of the Chicago Climate Exchange

By Anonymous In our case on the Aspen Skiing Company, we learned of the company’s initiative to join the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) in 2005. The system was labeled as the only “voluntary, self-regulating greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions-reduction” program in the United States. Organizations that pledged to join the CCX made a legally binding commitment […]

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Prevention of deforestation must happen at the local level

By Anonymous Rain forests are invaluable sources of biodiversity and are irreplaceable as an absorber of CO2.  The deforestation rate in places like Brazil, Congo, and Indonesia has alarmed environmentalists for decades.  Despite international efforts, a forest area larger than California is still burned down every year, and deforestation drives global warming by representing more […]

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