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CSR as a Legal Requirement in EM¹s – slowing down growth, or a necessary forcing mechanism?

By M.V. With the Companies Act of 2013, India became the world’s first country to place a legal requirement around Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) investment by businesses (1). The law applies to business that meet certain profit and scale requirements — net worth upwards of 500 crore Rupees (US $81 million), or turnover upwards of […]

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Creating a central valley in Saurashtra, Gujarat, India

By Satya G. The lower central valley of California is endowed with sunlight and good soil, but it was lacking in water. Water had to be time-shifted and location-shifted to create one of the largest and prosperous agricultural areas in the world. As we saw in the Woolf Farming case, this was done by massive […]

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Forget Oil. Fight for Water!

By Fabian According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), the US is set to overtake Saudi Arabia and Russia to become the world’s biggest oil producer by 2017. It is forecasted by the World Energy Outlook 2012 to become a net oil exporter by 2030. Meanwhile its European ancestors drive a heavy political agenda to […]

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