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Landfills in the US: Does Improved Methane Capture Offset Emissions from Long-Distance Transport of Trash?

By Anonymous – Oct. 13, 2013 Since 1976, US regulations have required more careful construction of landfills. A primary objective is the prevention of methane leakage, a greenhouse gas 20 times more potent than carbon dioxide. (The higher a particular landfill’s methane capture rate, the more greenhouse gas emissions it can help offset). The problem, […]

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Transitioning to a Low-Carbon Economy: Lifecycle Emissions

By Tyler Ellis Much has written about the importance of transitioning to a low-carbon economy and what the new electricity mix should be according to the particular author’s preferences. However, not much has been written on actually how to transition to a low-carbon economy. To study this transition, a full “lifecycle analysis” should be performed […]

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