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Mexico City water shortage: a case for private sector role in correcting a government imperfection

By Anonymous In the class discussion on the Mexico City water shortage, we discussed the dire water supply situation primarily from the perspective of Carranza Property Fund (CPF), assessing whether to long, short, or hold its investments into the District Federal (DF) commercial real estate. However, one lense on this situation has been overlooked – […]

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Mexico City Water Shortage: Changing Consumer Behavior to Effect Change

By Kayley In the Mexico City Water Shortage case, we saw that despite plentiful rainwater, Mexico City still suffered from severe shortages of clean water with persistent theft, leakage, and non-payment despite efforts from a public-private partnership (“PPP”). While in class we focused on various structural challenges that impeded progress – namely dispersed responsibility across […]

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On the Privatization of Water

By AdP Over the summer, a friend of mine sent me a link to a in which Nestlé’s CEO, Peter Brabeck, argued that water should be completely privatized. The shock factor of this statement is obvious, but the arguments behind introducing market values to water are less extreme than they may look at first blush. […]

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