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IB2E Current Events December 2, 2014

By John Macomber The slides from today’s discussion about current events are here: IBEE Current Events 2014.12.02 The post that underscored the meaning of lower oil prices is here. By the way, natural gas prices have not dropped along with oil prices (below).  It could be argued that natural gas is a better benchmark for […]

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Dealing with Dilemma: Reconciling Water Tensions between Farmers and Families in CA

By Wyatt Smith In “Woolf Farming and Processing”, our class confronted the vexing challenges of water distribution and shortage, attempting to reconcile the tensions between usage, rights, and payment that define water shortage issues. Digging deeper into the market failures complicating these issues, it becomes clear that solutions are not easy: Accounting for 80% of […]

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It’s the Market Price, Stupid – Econ 101 with EnerNOC

By Jannis Koehn EnerNOC DemandSmart is a fantastic business model. By aligning incentives of supply and demand, the company creates economic and environmental efficiencies and is able to capture the monetary value in an effective way. The key to that: Forwarding price signals from the wholesale electricity market to large consumers that would otherwise pay […]

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