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Whatever it Takes

By Michael Rubenstein In this article, I want to examine the gap between projected world energy consumption by fuel type and the required levels of zero- and low-carbon energy supply to prevent climate calamities according to the IPCC’s Fifth Assessment Report (AR5). How much energy do we need by 2050? According to the U.S. EIA, […]

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Monetizing Public Goods

By Beto During the discussion about water shortages in California we spent most of the time debating how the issue of how to price or monetize the value of public goods like water could be addressed. The ideas ranged from expensive infrastructure to moving to a different geography. But we did not spend much time […]

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Investors should use a “Climate Change Exposure Grade” in their investment thesis

By Anonymous In the absence of a true price for greenhouse gases, there is a more indirect, slower and more painful path toward addressing climate change which could be accelerated by leveraging the power of investors to change a corporation’s path by introducing a “Climate Change Exposure Grade” for every public company. Companies currently deploy […]

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