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How can local governments and urban planning mechanisms help tackle the water crisis?

By Flavia G. Water is a finite resource and it must be used and managed as such. Unfortunately, today that is not the common understanding. There is waste related to people’s behavior and due to poor infrastructure and maintenance. Water sources get contaminated because there is not enough control or punishment on those who pollute […]

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Catastrophe Bonds, Sustainable Cities, and Risk Management

By Erin I really enjoyed our class on catastrophe bonds. We discussed this financial tool as a means to remove layers of risk form the traditional reinsurance coverage market. We didn’t quite get to the full discussion related to cities utilizing the financial method themselves (as opposed to the insurance and reinsurance firms), but I […]

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Thought Provoking Posts from “Sustainable Cities”

The course, “Sustainable Cities: Urbanization, Infrastructure, and Finance” also has a blog requirement.  The first round of posts has been submitted and posted, an there are a number of thought provoking ideas that may spur some of your thinking for this course.  The tag cloud is also interesting. The blog is here:  http://sustainablecitiesfinance.wordpress.com/

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