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Lessons from Economics and Psychology to Dramatically Reduce Waste

By Nathan The old adage “out of sight, out of mind” rang true for me when reading our Sound Group China case because I was astonished to discover how much garbage is generated by a typical urban resident. The fact that I never saw the garbage (who spends much time looking at their trash can […]

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Waste-to-Power Plants in China – A high risk of environmental failure

By Geoff Finger In Horsholm, Denmark, waste incinerators provide up to 80% of heat and 20% of required electricity. Countries like Denmark – Germany is the most kindred example – have capitalized on effective recycling programs and progressive voters to implement clean and effectively regulated waste to power incinerators. However, the adaptation of the incinerators […]

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In Designing its Policy for Waste Removal, China Should Look to Europe

By Lauren Burrows As China struggles to deal with rapid urbanization and removal of increasing levels of municipal solid waste (“MSW”), it should look to Europe as its model. Because Europe has historically been space constrained and has not had the flexibility to build more landfills “out of sight and out of mind,” as has […]

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