(Updated Sept 12, 2013)

You are free to write on a topic of your choosing.  Here are some topic suggestions you can also consider:

  • Consider the simple numbers for how energy performance contracting money flows (see the sample spreadsheet in the Groom Energy case in the PDF here).  What aspects of the energy savings and finances look like they might lead to strategic advantages for Groom?
  • Energy Performance Contracting
  • Consider the Efficiency Matrix from the same PDF here and from Building Sustainable Cities here.  Is Groom over the “efficiency frontier?”  How can they cross it? Can they defend and grow that position?
  • Efficiency Matrix
  • How Maersk Lines could accomplish sustainability goals working with supply chain partners
  • Why Maersk Lines should be a follower instead of a leader in sustainability
  • Parallels from Maersk to other industries
  • How to filter and select market opportunities for energy services companies
  • Why landlords and tenants will lead energy efficiency in commercial real estate, not service companies.
  • Balancing vision and greenwash in sustainability at Walmart
  • Pros and cons of market leaders supporting sustainability related regulation
  • Why psychology is important in the climate change discussion and what to do about it.
  • Hydroelectric power is good because it is from a renewable, non carbon energy source
  • Hydroelectric power is bad because the water should be used for other applications, the transmission is problematic, and still water behind dams is a source of methane



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