“Three Questions” for you and your team as you set up your project:

Informal list of possible project topics Updated Sept 12, 2013

Some items from HBS intranet Company Opportunity Postings (passworded page) (check the Postings site for updates; it changes frequently):

  • What are main financial incentives for real estate developers to build storm water resilient landscaping? (Possible interaction with EPA and Emmett Environmental Law Clinic at Harvard Law School)  – see EPA company posting on “Independent Projects Company Opportunity Postings” here and Emmett Enviro Law clinic here.

Past projects

Q3, Q4 W2013 (All of these were for 3.0 credits, with a company sponsor; the Q1 F 2013 setup is different)

  • EnerNOC:  Go to market strategy for Demand-Response energy efficiency company
  • Artificial Leaf:  Go to market strategy for “artificial photosynthesis” – alternate to PV solar
  • Senscient- Segmentation strategy for gas and vapor sensing and measurement technology
  • Non invasive load monitoring – Energy efficiency applications
  • Waste plant oil from restaurants – conversion to fuel
  • Human-based sustainable agriculture in Mozambique

2012  (these were all with companies; this is not necessary in Q2 F 2013)

  • Witricity – Wireless electric power transfer
  • FloDesign Sonics – Ultrasonic filtration for water, oil, waste, other fluids
  • Pan-African Sugar and Ethanol
  • Design for Disassembly: Leasing of Building Components
  • SCIEnergy – Energy efficiency finance
  • Dynamo Micropower – small wind turbines
  • CoolChip Technologies – Kinetic coolers
  • Solar company finance
  • Shale gas development (white paper)
  • Synthetic Genomics: Biomass feedstock production
  • Saltwater electricity

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